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Canada, over the years, has been witnessing an influx of immigrants, making it one of the most diverse and rich countries in the world. Canada also provides immigrants with a conducive environment and many privileges other countries do not offer. The government of the country keeps implementing policies that support immigration.

Canada invites immigrants to source healthy careers, earn decently, and build a good life for themselves, as well as the future of their loved ones. The moment you step foot on Canadian soil, your potential of making it big in this life begins to unfold (note, however, that this is no assurance as you have to put in good work by yourself) as there is a long list of promising jobs available for you in the Canadian Labour Market.


Here are the top best Canada jobs for Immigrants in high demand for 2023:

1. Registered Nurse (RN)

Working as a registered nurse in Canada is one of the best-paying jobs you will get as an immigrant because ever since the outbreak of the novel Covid-19 pandemic, jobs in the healthcare sector have remained in high demand.

Nurses, especially, are in short supply and in high order. As a result, there are also comprehensive immigration options available to immigrants with good experience in nursing to encourage them to consider Canada a top choice for migration.


To be qualified for this job, you must have a minimum education of a bachelor’s degree and registration with a provincial or territorial regulated authority. The highest-paying regions for Registered Nurses in Canada are Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut.

The average annual salary is between $71 000 to $74 500.





2. Veterinarian (Vet)

Canadians are pet freaks! But unfortunately, Veterinarians are scarce in supply over there. This reality has made this career in high demand for many years.

If you are interested in this profession, you must also be qualified. Interest alone won’t get the job done (everyone loves a pet, but only some are certified pet caregivers!). To be allowed as one, you must have a license from the regulatory body within the provinces or territories, as the veterinary profession in Canada is a provincially regulated one.


The highest-paying area is in Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatchewan, and the annual salary of a Veterinarian in Canada ranges between $95 804 and $ 98 567.

3. Web Developers (Canada jobs for immigrants)

A web developer specializes in developing applications and creating websites. With a flourishing ICT Industry, you can rest assured as a Web developer that Canada is an excellent place to look out for if you are considering greener pastures.

With Canada’s Global Talent Stream, web developers have a solid pathway for securing a Canda Work Permit. To be eligible for this job in Canada, the least minimum of education is Bachelor’s Degree. Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario are the highest-paying provinces. You can earn around $72 657- $75 345 annually as a web developer in Canada.

4. Accountants (Canada jobs for immigrants)

One of the best-paying jobs you can dream of landing as an immigrant in Canada is Accountant. Accountants are essential to the smooth running of a successful Company. The successful management of a business enterprise in a post-pandemic economy is quite predominant lately and, thus, an excellent career to be considered. If you are an accountant, you will find job opportunities throughout the country, and even this potential will increase in a couple of years.

The minimum education required of you is a Business related Diploma or Bachelor of Science. Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta are known as the highest-paying provinces. The annual Salary of an Accountant is between $56 257 to $58 368.

5. Electrical Engineers

Working as an Electrical Engineer in Canada is one of the best jobs, but it is not coming on a platter of gold. It requires so much from you, including the ability to design, analyze and specify electrical systems. These systems are also built and tested, making them fit for work. As an Electrical Engineer, one of your responsibilities is maintaining the systems and components to ensure smooth and safe operations. You must have many skills to be fit for this job.
Depending on the role, educational requirements vary, but the minimum remains a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.
The highest-paying provinces are Labrador, Alberta, Newfoundland, and Saskatchewan.

6. Pharmacists (Canada jobs for immigrants)

Pharmacists are responsible for the distribution of medicine and the provision of health consultations. As a pharmacist in Canada, you can build a career by working in a hospital or a drugstore or even opening your Pharmacy.

Pharmacists, like other careers, are also provincially regulated, meaning each province’s regulation will differ. Before being qualified as a Pharmacist in Canada, you must have a degree in Pharmacy, pass the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) exam, and register in your province to become a certified Pharmacist in Canada.


Pharmacists are also in high demand, like other professions in the medical field. Quebec, New Brunswick, and British Columbia are the highest-paying provinces you should look out for, and the salary of a Pharmacist in Canada is $89 314.

7. Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics

This position is in high demand in Canada. Presently, there needs to be more skilled and certified technicians to make up for the rise in several retirees and those shunning this profession for another. Trained Industrial Technicians and Mechanics are also highly needed in the manufacturing sector.

The requirements vary from one province to the other to be qualified as one. Generally, apprenticeship or vocational training, or trade certifications are the requirements. Hourly pay range is between $19 and $50.

8. Business Development Executives

Business science is changing everyday doubt. With the wave of digital transformation sweeping across the face of the earth, organizations and businesses need marketing, public relations manager, and business development gurus. In this role, you will be the face or representative of a brand or an organization. Your responsibilities include planning and executing online and offline campaigns, computing and analyzing market research, client sourcing, and maintaining a cool relationship with the clients and the media.

To be eligible, you must have a University or college diploma in public relations, communications, marketing, or journalism. An added advantage would be a couple of years of experience in sales, finance, marketing, economics, or commerce. The average annual salary is $83 000.

9. Truck Drivers

Truck driving is one of the jobs in high demand in Canada right now, and you already know that high-demand jobs are equally high paying. Truck drivers are needed almost in every Canadian Province for commercial purposes.

According to Statistics Canada, the vacancy rate for truck drivers is around 8%, which is good news for Canadian immigrants. The minimum educational background is truck driver training alongside appropriate endorsements and licenses. Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and British Columbia are considered to be the highest-paying provinces. As a certified truck driver in Canada, your average annual salary is $46 828.

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10. Welder (Canada jobs for immigrants)

By 2028, Canada seeks to add about 23,000 welding positions to its economy. This profession is no doubt in high demand as you read this piece. Welding job opportunities are in heavy demand in British, Columbia, and Prince Edward Island. Knowledge of welding would be an advantage for immigrants compared to stark novices.
British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan are the highest-paying areas, and the average annual salary is between $18 and $41 per hour.

11. Pilots and Flying Instructors

Pilots are not only limited to flying commercial and military flights. They may also participate in other activities like crop spraying, surveying, etc. As a flying instructor, you train or prepare new pilots for license examinations. As a Flight engineer, you must conduct pre-flight inspections, systems, and equipment maintenance.

Pilots are not only limited to commercial and military flights. They may also be involved in air transport, crop spraying, aerial surveying, etc. Flight engineers are the ones who conduct pre-flight inspections, systems, and equipment maintenance. On the other hand, Flying instructors train new pilots or prepare them for license examinations.

It would be best if you were certified by a reputable aviation school to be considered eligible. You will also need the Flight Engineer Licence from Canada Authorities.

12. Audiologists (Canada jobs for immigrants)

Audiologists assist people with hearing loss or communication difficulties in expressing themselves. As an audiologist, you can work in hospitals and rehabilitation centers or run a private center.

The job descriptions include diagnosis, rehabilitation programs for patients, and engaging in speech or hearing disorders research. To qualify as one, you will need a master’s degree in audiology.

Depending on your province, you must also register with the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, and other regulatory bodies. As an audiologist, your hourly pay is around $45.


The list is limitless. As you know, Canada is a country of love with its arms wide open to receiving immigrants. If you are considering migrating to Canada, it is a great idea as you have more than a bunch of well-paying jobs that would make your search for a greener pasture more than worth it.


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